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judy lake

Hi Karen, heres the full blog address. trim might work easier if the fabric is on the bias.more give.if also helps to use user friendly fabrics or trims.

An Everyday Style

Hi Judy, Karen here from California (took a workshop a couple years ago!) I am still wanting to finish a scallop shade I made. My question (still struggling!) how to get the trim to lay nice and flat around the edge, without puckering or making a bump when it turns on the curve? yours looks perfect of course!! is the trick using a thinner trim?

judy lake

Hey Karen,The key is to give the grosgrain a tugaround the scallop edge. I use a few extra clothespins. Another tip is to set the grosgrain on, press and if it doesnt set right, re-set it again- as the glue dries it gets tackier and will grosgrain goes on nicer.The finished self trim may pucker a little. I know what you mean about that. Again, try giving it a pull as you set it on. Just one of those things.... the more you do it the easier it your blog. Ill add it to mine next time I update.judy

An Everyday Style

Thanks Judy, did you get out of jury duty? I think its like dressmaking, say on an armhole, they make little cuts around the curve to make it lay flat but one cant do that with a trim you can see! Also I am glad you like my blog, they are fun arent they? I was trying to add your blog to my list of ones I follow but it wont do it. What is your exact blog address? Thanks a bunch.

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