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I love that Quick glue - can't get it here in Toronto so I order it from the Lamp Shop.

judy lake

Hey Gail, did you order some for me too? Ha, I'm almost out. I have no doubt you'll find everything you need up your way.


I decided to use Elmer's glue on this project and the results were nothing short of fantastic!

judy lake

James, that's great you like Elmers but bet you would like Quick Glue 100 times better. Give it a try.


To keep from losing the cap off the little squeeze bottle, I paint it with bright red nail polish!

judy lake

Thanks, that's a great idea, sort of like red handled garden tools.

George Brady

can quick glue be bought in London?

judy lake

Hi George,
good question. Does anyone in the UK know that answer?
Quick glue is a glue that dries fast, clear and is strong enough for fabrics. Try craft glues that are not too thick.


What glue can I use if I don't want to order it online ? I just have this one project, so can I get something for Michaels or Hobby Lobby or some hobby store? What do you suggest?

judy lake

Glue to use... I have only used the quick glue making lampshades and everyone says it works the best. I have had students use Eileens or other craft glues. You will have to experiment. Look for ones that dry clear and quickly- not too thick. Let me know what you like.

Carol Ritter

Where can I find Quick Glue other than the Lamp Shop? Does anybody know of a supplier on line?

judy lake

Hi Carol,
Sorry but I have NO idea! Ha, been getting it from them for almost 30 years (previously also Mainely Shades, but they no longer sell supplies)
Wish I could help, but The Lamp Shop is a great supply source. From what all my students say-it's much better than the alternatives.

Kathy Fitz

I want to glue your basic "silk" rose petals onto a plastic lampshade. Can you tell me what glue I can use that will resist heat? Appreciate your help!

judy lake

I think a fabric glue would be good. It's not something I have done but it holds well. I don't think I'd do a glue gun and the heat will/might melt them off? Maybe, not sure. Guess you will have to experiment.

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