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Ellen Howard

God bless you Judy!

Jan Wells

So glad you posted. I had wondered how your little town had coped. My heart goes out to you & all the other people affected by this storm. Seems so many have had to deal with Mother Nature this year. Take care! Jan

Dona Mara Friedman

So happy to hear you and your store are O.K. I am so sad as I see and hear more stories of loss and devastation. Our beautiful towns and history, it felt like they were being washed away and all we could do was watch.

Elizabeth Gibson

Let us know if you need any help!


OMG!!! Scary. Brilliant blog, Judy - it really gives a good picture of what is happening in communities all over Vermont!

judy lake

thanks guys. Thanks for all the comments and support. Still waiting for the basement to be cleaned up; they are coming tomorrow. More than I can do: 5 inches of sludge, really gross.

Robin Lane

Your wonderful blog is always a joy, and an interesting empowering, calming retreat! Today it was vital as well, with information we needed to figure out Tasia's pre-dawn-post Irene route to Burlington for her first class. What great friends and minds among you, keeping updates, photos, and the slate retention wall-- GENIUS! Thanks Judy, more than you know!

judy lake

thanks Robin, How's your house in Wardsboro??? thinking of those folks down there. see you soon.

Stephanie Moffett Hynds

Wow, Judy, I am so very happy to hear that your shop and the others have survived. Until now, I only saw footage around Mach's and thought for sure the water had just continued down to your place and beyond. Thanks so much for sharing all this. Long live Pawlet!!!
Much love,

judy lake

thanks so much Stephanie, good to hear from you. How's your road. Our small communities continue to amaze me. So much kindness and generosity. I am feeling better; basement is almost cleaned out.IT was sooooo gross and deep.

Debby Moffett Wycoff

I, too, have been losing sleep these last few days, worrying about you and my dear Stephanie, way out here in CA! It is a miracle that you, Judy, were not washed out! Karen, Kurt and all of the Moffetts and Wycoffs out here, who have been to Mach's and to your wonderful shop, and love VT so dearly, hope for a speedy recovery. As Steph said,"long live Pawlet!!!

judy lake

Hey Debby,
I was lucky, lucky!!! Others are in need. just organizing a silent auction and donation fund. yikes, chaos building... so much for work today! ha. The wonders of small community.

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