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Diana Peduzzi

Judy, I admire how business-like you've been with the etsy postings, must be tedious but you are getting it done! We are also getting a new golden, in July (he's not born yet!) Have fun with the new puppy!

judy lake

Thanks Diana,
Actually I'd say it's sort of addictive. Helps to keep me designing and finding new ideas.
ooh, puppy love. Good luck, it's so much fun. Mazie is dear, sweet little bear.

Linda Flake

I, too am new to Etsy but i think this is one way at least that you can deactivate your listings while at Brimfield. On your shop page, place cursor over your shop name and click on "listings" from menu. At the top left is a teeny box next to "Renew". If you checkmark this box it will check all your lisitngs, then click "Deactivate". The lisitngs will now not appear on your page, thus it will be blank, but when you return you can find all of them waiting for you on the same page by clicking "Inactive" tab. Here you can pick and choose which ones to "activate". This way you do not pay the fee over again to delete the listing and then post it again. i would also add some wording to your to your shop announcement stating that your shop is "closed" for a bit while you are gone. Do this by going again to your shop name at top of your page and clicking on "Info and Appearance" from drop down menu, then scroll down to shop announcement to change or add text.
Linda Flake
kansas city

judy lake

Thanks Linda. I think I have figured it out. I can put that I am on vacation and it deactivates it all till I am back. phew. I am loving Etsy.

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