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6 Top Lampshade Ladies of 2022 - Bring on the Color

I have taught many a lampshade maker over the years.  My DIY Lampshade book, The Lampshadelady's Guide to Lighting up Your Life, Potter Craft 2009 spurred on many new lampshade makers. I have loved watching artisans grow their design skills; I look back at my early work and see the huge progress I have made since those early days. It takes a heck of a lot of work to succeed in this business, but then who wouldn't want to play with fabric, paper and color everyday. Persistence pays off.

A few of my recent lampshades. (shameless promotion)


I am sharing some of my favorite fellow lampshade ladies, they are all super talented, have a creative eye and really hard workers.  I am sure I will miss many, sorry in advance.

One of my first students that comes to mind is Kristi Uvence from Seattle, Washington. Her business on Etsy is called Sassy Shades. Kristi flew east for a private workshop with me after my book came out. We had a blast. We made lampshades, went looking for vintage fabric and had lots of laughs. She has persisted thru working full time and developing her business. I am very proud of her accomplishments. Below are some of Kristi's work.




Another great lampshade maker I sometimes chat with is Maggie from Vero Lampshades. We met on Etsy thru my book. I often get questions from lampshade makers and I'm happy to try to help with their questions. And sometimes they help me too. Maggie must be a very hard worker. She is always getting new inventory posted in her Etsy shop. Maggie has a great flair with her fabrics. It's been fun to see her grow as well as Kristi. Check out their work.

Vero Lampshades (Below)

BT2 7
BT2 7


When I started making lampshades in the early 1990's I spotted another lampshade maker that had a similar style to mine. She is the fabulous lampshade maker Susan Schneider. At that time I used to travel down Rt 22 down to CT for many craft shows. I remember poking my head in her shop window that at that time was in Millerton, NY. It seems like a million years ago. Wow, I was blown away with excitement. She was closed but loved that cute little shop. I thought it sure would be fun to have my very own shop someday. Susan's business is called Shandell's. She's gone thru many phases of her lampshade business. These days she's making gorgeous marble papers for lampshades, boxes, belts, etc. Plus teaching marbling, too. We've never met but we have both been at this lampshade thing for a long time. You can order from her website as well as other events. She's top notch and I'm a big admirer of her work. She is in the process of restoring an old barn for her shop/ studio. I wish her well and someday we shall meet. Follow her on Instagram @Shandells.

Susan's Marble Lampshades (below)



Robin Koppernaes makes great lampshades and is also one of my students. You can see her work on Etsy, Creative Lampshades. It is fun to see her work pop up in my Etsy feed. It's been years since my workshops but seems like it was just yesterday. Follow Robin on Instagram, too. She's way down in beautiful Beaufort, S.C. I just love this orange lampshade, bet it lights up beautiful. Orange and reds are the best for warm light.





Another great lampshade lady is Linda Daniel, aka Elle Daniel from Sarasota, Florida. Years ago Linda flew up to my shop to have a private workshop. She was ready to start her next business. There was no doubt that Linda would go on to establish a great business. She's a super marketer and stylist.

Linda's lampshade shop in Sarasota is at Address: 1616 Oak Street, Sarasota, FL 34236. Her website is . Elle Daniel lampshades can also be purchased in her Etsy shop as well as her own website.



No doubt I have forgotten many lampshade ladies! It's a fun business and heavens knows there's plenty of work for all of us!!!  Susan and I have been making lampshades for over 30 years; we both have pivoted and evolved with the times. Making a business with your hands is a labor of love. We have all struggled to get to where we are whether it's crooked lampshade frames, clips that have bad solder joints, bad glue, bad styrene, rusty wires, grosgrain ribbon sourcing or just learning the art.

It takes a lifetime to learn the lighting industry.

All of these Lampshade Ladies agree that there is more than just a white lampshade!!! Light up Your Life!



ps My workshop days are over. It was lots of fun while it lasted.

pss My book, The Lampshadelady's Guide to Lighting up Your Life is out of print but can be found used on Amazon and other used book venues.